Week 2: More Demolition

Okay, so time needs to slow down, where has this month gone? Oh right, half of its been working on the bus lol.

So after ripping out all the floors we got her down to the bare metal floor where we could assess the known rust that would be there. Luckily we don’t think its too bad, only surface rust. We started the process of sanding off some rusty areas towards the back with the angle grinder but haven’t completely finished it yet.


So in the last post I made we were taking apart the dashboard apart for cleaning and to paint. It was a lot of fun as Surge and I both have an obsession with cosmo spray painting and what better way to express it then on the dashboard! I love the way it turned out. Definitely unique for sure!

So after we reinstalled the dash we started ripping out the insulation in the ceiling. We could see the white foam sticking out of the light/speaker holes and decided to just get it out of there since we know we’ll need to. Well, that was easier said than done! It was pretty stuck in there! We are not going to remove the ceiling entirely either, we are planning on just cutting 6″ wide slits from the front of the bus length ways to the end of the bus. That way we can wire those open areas for lighting/electrical and then we are thinking of placing a wooden beam over the area, length wise. We are also thinking that that is where the lights will be as well. We shall see!


We also decided after pulling out all the insulation to remove the vinyl and seat from the back of the bus. It was a pain in the butt! Seriously. And on top of it being a pain in the butt we found a lot of moisture under the seat and some serious mildew/mold on the foamboard that was on the top part of the seat. Luckily, it was all contained to the board and did not affect the metal on the top, no rust on it whatsoever.

So last Thursday we had a torrential downpour (much needed with the current wildfires in the state) but we discovered quite a few leaks coming in from the roof. Now we get where all the moisture was coming from on the seats in the back.  It was kind of disappointing but considering how lucky we’ve been with everything else….  anyways, this is the main issue that needs addressed as soon as possible. We need to clean the roof, caulk all the cracks/holes and then seal it.

Also, for any engine people out there who’d like to see what our awesome Caterpillar 3126 B serious Engine looks like here’s a photo!



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