Week 3

So week 3 has come and gone and as of yesterday we have had La Extrana Cosa 3 weeks exactly! A lot has happened in that time frame!

Last week we discovered during a heavy rain that there were quite a few leaks. Not surprising by any means and we knew it’d be a likely possibility. So that was the first course of action the following week.

First things first was to get a the appropriate roof sealer along with roof caulking. We decided to go with a white elastomeric thermal roof sealer and a special roof leak caulking. We want to ensure that the roof is SEALED. However, of course before she’s roof painted we needed to wash her. There was heavy mildew on the top from sitting. Let me tell you, that was a chore in itself. It was like washing a whale! We used a degreaser, water and a brush and the mildew easily came off. And once that was done we also took some diluted bleach and did a final wash to make sure the mildew was completely off.


I surprisingly got up on the roof! Being scared of heights it wasn’t easy at first!


The beautiful end result. The roof looks a million times better!

Once that was done and dry Surge started on the roof caulking, the very very messy tar like substance that seemed to get everywhere. Im pretty sure he had some of the stuff stuck on his arm for at least 2 days (2 days of scrubbing to get it off that is).

So while he started on that, I started on brushing off the rust on the floor with a wirebrush wheel on the angle grinder. Well when I complained that it was like washing a whale… I take that back. Id rather wash a whale any day. The amount of dirt and rust that was created in our bus, not to mention the awkward angle of brushing the floor; it become the great dustbowl all over again. I’ve seriously never had so much dirt and grim on me! I didn’t get a photo but I definitely should have!

So hopefully the caulking sealed the leaks and the sealer will just be an extra step in making sure no water gets through. Surge also finished grinding open the ceiling for wiring and insulation.


The last ceiling panel being cut!

Once the holes in the floor are patched, it’ll be ready for rustoleum. We also used this week to tweak the floor plan a bit along with additional details on plumbing/wiring and storage. We’re going to make an entire post on just the floor plan shortly.


Me in relation to the size of the bus. I can barely reach the lock on the door! (We are also on a small slope, I’m not THAT short). 



We have a new bus pet apparently. Somehow he keeps coming back no matter how many times we remove him and his web. I guess he just needs a name now!

The next following weeks are going to be very busy for me and my photography but we’re still going to keep up with the blog and the bus as much as we can! We can’t wait for the bus to be livable!



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