Blog much?

Well no, not really… we mean well, we promise! Since our last post we’ve gotten a fair amount of visual changes for the bus. We’ve been in high gear for the last month or so. We’ve also been accepted into the tiny house festival St. John’s County Fairgrounds November 17th through the 19th. This has especially kicked our butts into high gear with doing as much as we can with our resources and time. In the last post we had FINALLY gotten the roof painted and it’s been holding up just fine. The emergency hatches on the other end are still a huge pain in the gas can. We still need to figure something out about the back one as that will be the one we’ll be keeping still. The front hatch will be replaced with a rooftop RV a/c unit eventually.

Surge has been busy with Daytona Biketoberfest and the Panama City Biker rally. For Biketoberfest we got the opportunity to take La Extraña Cosa out for our first dry camping adventure. Well for starters it wasn’t really that bad. We definitely need screens for the windows though as the bugs were quite annoying (it IS Florida). The weather was great though, however without insulation the bus can become a hot box. We aren’t going to do insulation till after we get electrical wired and the plumbing done…. Gotta love the little wins we finally got our Nature’s Head toilet…..hurray we can poop today! It was a HUGE investment but it was something we wanted to get out of the way and have, even if we’re dry camping somewhere. We’ll update about how we like it.

We also got the window block panels in 2 double and 3 singles. Unfortunately they were all an inch short so we had to make some modifications to get them to work (we’ll blame the sheet metal company lol…).

We also got our refrigerator from Home Depot, it was on sale and we just couldn’t pass on the deal. It was exactly the right size and color that we had been looking for.

We finally got new shoes for the bus! 6 standard semi truck tires, 11r 22.5. We had the guys at Boulevard Tires in Daytona on Nova Road do them for us. We got there Friday morning for our appointment and it didn’t take long at all. A BIG thank you to Jamie’s Grandma for making new tires a possibility. We can now drive anywhere without worrying about bad tires. It was weird seeing them lift up the bus and remove the tires.

We have a lot to do before the festival and it’ll be here before we know it so we’re going to try and do as much as we can. Jamie is planning on doing details such as painting the countertop/cabinet, laying pennies for the counter, making screens for some of the windows and other small things to pull it together. We’re hoping to get the bus painted beforehand but not so sure that will happen due to the amount of prep work needed and time we have left before the festival. Jamie also just got hired at vip kid, which is an online company that teaches children in China the English language. She’s really excited about it cause she can choose her own hours and it’s very rewarding. We’re hoping to do a video very soon showing off everything.

Surge and Jamie


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