New Years Resolution

Wow we are really bad about posting on our bus. We’ve been more about doing the work then writing about it. We started a write up a while ago and life does what it does and a couple months later we find it’s still in the draft bin! Well maybe in 2018 we can change that up. Especially since at the end of this month our lease at our apartment is up and we are making a mad dash to finish up/ make livable. Livable is more like it. We’re currently installing the 110 house electrical, RV power converter, recessed led lighting in the ceiling with dimmer switches, etc.

We also have the plumbing to worry about. Which includes plumbing the propane system for our newly acquired gas stove/ oven. There is a lot to do in a very short timeframe!! We’re going to try and get as much done as possible. Lastly, we are also looking into options for towing our car behind the bus when we make our way onto the open road. Missouri will be our first stop. In only two weeks at that. Surge is going to work at Tattitude Studios in Poplar Bluff as a guest artist. So like we said, our New Years resolution is going to be to try and keep more frequent updates. We’re going to try and give a quick summary of all that’s happened in the last few months.

Tiny House Festival


Can you spot La Extrana Cosa? Photo courtesy of “All in the Bed of a Truck”

We got a lot done for the tiny house festival in Elkton,FL but we knew we were showing it incomplete. We wanted people to see a bus in the progress stage and so people could get an idea of how much space there really is to do what you want. We were amazed at the great people we met and the awesome skoolies/tiny houses we got to tour. We had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful people as they visited our half built home on wheels. And to all our new skoolie family that attended the show, we had an amazing time and it was so awesome to meet such wonderful people who have built or are still building their skoolies up. We have gotten so many great ideas for the bus. Oh, and Jamie drove the bus for the first time (in an empty field of course).

We seriously can’t wait to do another one. There is the Georgia Tiny House Festival at the beginning of March that we may possibly make it to. We will see. Anyways, we’re not going to talk too much on this but we’ll leave our video from the festival:

Life in the Slow lane

I can drive 65!!! For being 40ft long 8ft wide and over 10 tons. To be honest I really don’t need to go much faster then that. Driving the slow lane kinda helps you appreciate the trip. Having the bus governed out at 65 makes for an automatic cruise control. After the Tiny House Festival we went to Surge’s Family for Thanksgiving across the state in Englewood. It was quite a long journey in a bus on Florida’s notorious I4 but it was a nice Thanksgiving and Surge’s family got to see the bus for the first time which was pretty exciting.

So after all this we got a taste of how it feels to live in the bus, even though we just used extension cords. The kitties also got a week in on the bus too! The old man cat, Bo Thomas didn’t mind it one bit but the younger more skittish one, Heisenberg DID NOT like the fact that this house moved. He finally got a little bit used to it towards the end.


Bo Thomas relaxing on the way to Englewood

We are set to have the electrical done by this weekend and our propane converted stove done as well. These are such huge steps as this is what is going to make it livable. We also got our spray foam in but we can only spray when it’s 65-85 degrees and once we have the electrical done too. Since Missouri is going to be so cold I hope we can somehow manage to squeeze in the time to do it down here. Florida is in the middle of a cold snap so it looks like there will only be one good day to spray. There’s so much that has been done since our last post that it’s hard to keep track so we’re mostly going to just post photos below.


The RV Power Center we got. It charges batteries (once we get a battery bank), converts DC power and manages all of our power in one source.

We also ordered our water tanks. We eventually will upgrade but for now we got 2 – 55 gallon barrels. One for our grey water and one for our fresh water. We are going to wait on building the shower until we get to Missouri but hope to have the sink at least running.

We found our stove to convert to propane for $60! It’s one of those tiny 24″ apartment stoves. It was kind of unfortunate that it was white but they make high heat spray paint and we’re going to try our hand at using it. So far it isn’t too bad.


We also happened to be driving down the road and found the perfect solution to our couch/front bed. It was a $25 find! We’ll eventually be painting/staining it but we’re just glad we found such a great deal and it saved us on the time it would have taken to build one. Plus there’s tons of storage underneath! It’s perfect for what we were thinking and all we need is a mattress for it.



We also got the bookcase up just today.  It looks great and is putting us closer to the bus looking like home. 

This sort of gives you an idea of what La Extraña Cosa looks like at the moment. There’s a lot to organize, clean and get rid of/sell  at our apartment so we’re going to be doing that for the next 10 days too! We hope we can get a video going at the end of this month to document the bus’s  first big adventure.

-Surge & Jamie


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