One week to go!

This is it! T-minus 7 days til move in and the bus’s first major trip. We’re working hard to get all we can finished. We were supposed to have someone help us finish our electrical but after a huge promise that they would they completely flaked on us. It’s set us back a bit because it’s taken Surge a little longer to wire everything himself. As Surge was working late last night he had a visitor! The trash panda was so unafraid of people he thought he may have jumped in the bus.

Also, we did have an awesome neighbor come through for us today and check over the electrical Surge had done and he said it looked great and most importantly was done correctly. Yay! So that’s a relief but doesn’t do much to our stress levels. The plan is to finish electrical tonight (or morning should I say) and start spray foam tomorrow. Let’s hope it all works out as it needs to be a certain temperature to spray and it may be too chilly the rest of the week til Friday.

Included in that electrical install is our tankless eco smart water heater. It requires its own 30 amp breaker.


Let’s talk about paint! I have been wanting to paint for months now but it kept getting pushed aside. We want our bus to be muraled but we knew that that would be way down the road however, if we’re planning on staying at any rv parks (which we are) it obviously can’t stay yellow. It looks like a big long block of velveta cheese too. So we decided that while Surge is finishing electrical and starting spray foam I can paint. I should be able to start tomorrow! I’m really excited because it’s something that is going to make such a visible difference and really make it feel like home. As if all we’ve been doing isn’t those things already. So what color is she going to be? That’s the question. Of course we know but no one else does. People seem to be pretty convinced that they’ll be some purple in there or teal or the partridge family colors! We shall see!

I just felt the need to do a small blog, maybe to get in the knack of doing them more often or maybe cause there’s so much going through our minds at the moment! There’s just so much to do in such a short amount of time. Not including condensing our lives into 300 sq. Ft. It does feel nice though to be getting rid of so much. It makes you realize you don’t need as much as you thought you did. Life is about experiences, not stuff!

-Jamie & Surge


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