Bus Living 3 Week Review

So we decided to wait a bit to do a blog post. We wanted to be able to share what its been like the last three weeks. Though that’s hardly any amount of time to make a thorough assessment of course.

We made it to Missouri with no major issues but man, was it a long trip!! We didn’t get a tow hitch yet for the bus as we had a lot of trouble with being able to find the right one. Soo… that meant Jamie drove behind the bus for the entire trip. The bus is governed out at 65 mph but when we were in the Tennessee hills going uphill the bus would come to crawling 48 mph (50mph if we were lucky). The driving time total was probably somewhere around 20 hours.

Once we got here we were just glad that we could finally stop driving. Surge and the cats were freezing as the heater in the bus didnt stand much against temperatures in the teens. Plus this is a Florida bus. We were fortunate though that on La Extrana Cosa’s first major trip there were no mechanical issues or anything of the sort. Sometimes you can never know what can happen on a first big trip despite how much preparing you do.

When we actually went to find a place to park it only one rv park in town would allow us to park it there. However, after call and call to confirm he had given away our spot literally the day before. We were upset to say the least and Surge called to explain the situation, as we had no where else to park it. He worked it out with us and squeezed us between two small white 5th wheels. We stick out like a sore thumb and are on uneven ground but at least its a spot with 50amp service. We were so happy to be able to get our heaters going to start warming up the bus. Even the kitties were really cold.

One thing we’re learning is that with bus life it really will be highs and lows. As with anything of course. We have to learn to take the good with the bad. Even though we’re paying what it would be at a nice rv park with tons of ammenties and we’re on uneven ground with only using power at the moment. At the very least its a place to stay. I knew we would be discrimanated against, but not every rv park in the area. We finally got the bus sorted out somewhat and it’s definitely starting to feel like home. Though there’s still so much organizing and downsizing to do still! We figured it will be a process in everything. We’re just taking it day by day.



The cats have really adapted well to the bus. They probably think it’s made specifically for them. They love being able to run from the very front of the bus to the very back of the bus as fast as they can. They’ve also discovered that the steps we have leading up to the roof hatch are a fun climbing spot. We’re glad they’ve adapted so well.


We also got our bedroom for the most part together. With a heater going it’s been pretty warm and cozy back there.





Heisenberg refused to move for any of the photos of the bedroom. But it is starting to come together and feel like home. Oh and it’s hilarious to us that when the cats are walking a little 8 lb cat can shake the bus. The one downside is the sensitivity of the shocks on the bus but you do get used to it. We’ll continue to post more as we progress more into bus life. We still need to do a lot of finishing touches, plumb our sink and build our shower.

We’re also thinking of starting the Etsy store back up too since Jamie has a lot of free time on her hands when not teaching children in China. The weather has been absolutely horrible for photography. The Etsy store would have Jamie’s steampunk beetles, jewelry and Surges dream catchers.


We’ll see, as it would be great as a little extra income for the bus. Jamie used to do really well on Etsy but after a few years it seemed to dwindle a bit and we’ve heard that from a lot of people.

Jamie & Surge


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