Time Flies When You’re Bus living!

Wow! So a lot has happened since our last post. We’re absolutely loving the bus life. We’ve had no issues with feeling overwhelmed with the small space at all. Though some organization is definitely still in the works. The cats are still loving it of course.


Bo-Thomas being the boss like always.

We are staying at a much better place than we were when we first got here in Missouri. We have been here since the beginning of March and this place is amazing! It’s an awesome campground out in the Mark Twain National Forest. They have live music on Saturdays and even karaoke! We really love it out here, it is very peaceful and the stars are amazing on a clear night! Surge is also spinning fire for the concert on Cinco de Mayo. We’ve had a lot of opportunities here.


Our campsite

Since being here we have done a lot of work on the bus. We got our plumbing done, including are sink and shower head. We also install a 6 gallon water heater. It’s been great so far. We have also started the shower/tub. We decided to use fiberglass and resin for waterproofing and durability. It was good in theory but applying it was an absolute nightmare. We knew it would be a pain to apply but it does its purpose yes. We may have gone a little overboard but better to go overboard than to not do it completely and have mildew issues down the road. It looks absolutely hideous right now but we still have the gel coat to apply. We are adding a black pigment to it as well. So the base of the tub will be black and the walls will have the corrugated metal to match the other side of the wall. Jamie will be doing glass Mosaic along the outside of the tub and the shelf behind the toilet. It’s getting there but it’s just taking a long time. Cannot wait till it’s done!


Before fiberglass/resin


We also did another very exciting thing for the bus. We got flooring! What a difference some simple flooring can make. We just use a vinyl plank flooring. It looks really great and surprisingly helps a bit with insulation.


Our next steps besides the tub is installing our AC unit in our bedroom. It’s just a normal house unit that requires Shore power. We are also going to fix our bus tour as well. A hinge is broken somewhere in the bus door and doesn’t like to close completely. We want to make it a solid door that opens. Like a normal door. I think that will make a big difference.

-Jamie & Surge